This is my Testimony

Dara and Joshua

Dara and Joshua share about their Testimony! Joshua had trouble with his eyes, and needed glasses. He went to Youth Camp, and was prayed for, and was healed. He can see perfectly now, and doesn’t need glasses. What a great Testimony!


Mary and her family went through a very hard year in 2020. It started in Dec. of 2019 when her husband Andy lost his job, then in March her brother passed away from stage 4 cancer. In November Mary got Covid Pneumonia and was out of work till mid January. Listen to her story that even through all of the struggles God still provides, and how He encourages, and gives you hope. “I have observed in my many years of following God that when things happen that are difficult, people have 2 reactions. They either run away from God and blame Him, or run to God.” -Mary


Dee was diagnosed with a rare incurable eye condition in 2010, listen as she shares her story about what God has done in her and through her as she’s battled this condition. Over the years God has been healing her and she’s believing for a 100% healing in her eyesight! Through the struggle look for God’s strength, look for the lessons, and look for the testimony that God is doing in your life. “I’ve come to realize that sometimes God heals immediately and sometimes it’s a process. There’s things He’s using to benefit other people. Let Him build a testimony in you!” -Dee