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Sunday Morning June 4th

“Into the Wild – embrace the wilderness

We are so glad you could join us this morning! Today Pastor David shares part 2 of the sermon series “Into the Wild”. Last week we talked about “Power in the wilderness”. This week it’s “Embrace the Wilderness”. What happens when God gives you something big to do? Something you don’t have the skills for? You find yourself running into the wild. That’s when you have the choice to make. Fight, resist and hate it, or embrace it! What are you going to do with your wilderness?

Wednesday Morning Bible Study “Bible Prophecy” with Pastor Harry and Dawn

What will Jesus’ second coming look like? Revelation 19:11-15 the Bible is very descriptive of Christ’s second coming. Join us as we study from Revelations chapter 19.

Wednesday Night bible study with Pastor David and Mark Amir

Mark Amir will be ministering at New Life at 6:30 PM, Sunday Night, June 11th. Come and join us for a miracle service – expect God to speak through Mark with prophetic words, miracles and healing. Pastor Mark is a Pakistani christian who Jesus rescued miraculously from the worship of other gods and began ministering in different countries, seeing many souls saved, healed and set free. Listen to his personal testimony in this video and come join us on Sunday night!