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This is my testimony

Dara and Joshua share about their Testimony! Joshua had trouble with his eyes, and needed glasses. He went to Youth Camp, and was prayed for, and was healed. He can see perfectly now, and doesn’t need glasses. What a great Testimony!

What does it really Mean? Pastor’s vlog Episode 1

What does it really mean? What does it really mean to live like Jesus is Lord of your life? What if we started living as followers of Jesus? We serve an uncontainable God, and when we began to make Him Lord of our lives, we step into a whole new way to live for Him. Check out Episode 1 of our new vlog series “What does it really mean?”, and really examine your life. Am I #buildingUP in my life? Am I living like Jesus is Lord over all of my life? What is God speaking to me, and what am I going to do about it?

Sunday Service January 16th, 2022

How do we get started living in the riches of His inheritance? Pastor David shares 4 things you need to know about God’s Grace!

Wednesday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Harry and Dawn

You know the names that people have called you, and even the names that you call yourself. What if there are more significant names that can overwright those ones that have hurt you? Join Pastor Harry and Dawn as they look into Daniel 1:1-7 and talk about what God calls you.

Wednesday Night Bible Study with Pastors Harry and DAvid

In this modern age of technology, when remote communication is so easy to access, is it still important for Christians to make time to be together? In Romans 1:11-13, Paul longs to be together with the Romans, and reveals three benefits of being with them face to face.